Chadwick & Taylor is a company passionate about putting style back into cycling. We believe that your bike should suit your lifestyle and we are creating a range of bicycles to do just that.

Our electric bikes are ideal for all journeys, whether you want to explore the countryside or add some style to your daily commute. Electric bikes make journeys less daunting as the motor can push you through uphill climbs and give you that extra push when you pull away from junctions. This makes for a safer ride during busy commutes and means you suffer less fatigue during your rides.

Worried about the cost? Electric bikes only cost a few pence to fully charge and as they don’t qualify as “motor vehicles” you do not need to pay for a licence, insurance or MOT. All of our bicycles have fast recharge times, so you will be riding everywhere in style, but if you do run out of charge, don’t worry! Our bikes can be used as a standard pedal drive so you can keep on going, regardless of the battery.